DCV HistoryDCV Technologies was formed to support the growing requirements of its parent company The Nexus Group. Nexus’s software house, test consultancy and call centre profit centres required timely recruitment services. Having gone through a number of recruitment agencies and investing a lot of time and money Nexus’s hiring managers felt that they were not receiving the right calibre of candidates. Although the CV’s Nexus received were a perfect match the face to face interviews were disappointing. Hence Nexus’s R&D team implemented the Digital CV concept by integrating video recordings to the recruitment process. This process rapidly increased the success rate from interview to hire. Nexus shared this success with its existing clients.

The demand grew and DCV Technologies was born in 2007 to be established as a recruitment company providing a true an effective screening process. To promote its growth DCV acquired Head IT in January 2008. DCV tripled its growth in profit and revenue over three years. DCV is governed by its executive/non executive board and the audit committee.